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14Aug, 2013
The September Issue

A Bigger September, One Print Media Publication at a Time

Let the battle of the September books begin! Traditionally the thickest of the year, this year’s September glossies are no exception—and in many cases, they’re setting records of their own. The always…

07Aug, 2013
HP Indigo 7600 Digital Press Printing Technologies

Postal Pointer #4 – Direct Mail More Effective Than You Think

We’re used to hearing that the average direct mail response rate is 1.0% – 1.5%. But according to a new study from the Pew Research Center (“Internet and American Life…

11Jul, 2013
Kopyteks Postal Pointer


The US Postal Service is at it again; they are changing sizes on mailing pieces. The most current revision deals with folded self-mailers. The folded self-mailer is a piece that…

21Jun, 2013
Kopytek kreative folds

Folded Printing Projects – Are You In The Advertising Fold

For advertising agency design professionals and marketing department creative, designing a printed piece that makes the best use of available space and positions the messaging in a unique way to…

09May, 2013
Kopytek Star

Midtown Taste & Art Fair and Kopytek Inc. Artist’s Call!

Calling all creative visionaries, artistic types, and dabblers in the bedazzlement for the eyes and brain! Kopytek Inc. and the Midtown Taste & Art Fair would love you to share…

02May, 2013
Kopytek Dell Printers

The (K)reative Files – Print Finishing Techniques for Stand-Out Work

Creating work that catches the eye of your audience can be a challenge for any designer or marketer. We’ve shared some of the top finishing techniques that can elevate your…

24Apr, 2013
Kopytek Postal Pointers

Postal Pointer #2 – The Writing on the Wall for Handwriting?

At Kopytek, we are always staying on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to being St. Louis’ leader in digital printing, but today’s post is an ode to…

17Apr, 2013
Midtown Taste and Art Fair

Midtown Printing: Feel the “Art Beat” of Midtown St. Louis

Over the last 20 years, Kopytek has been doing Midtown printing for the “Art Beat” of Midtown St. Louis. Midtown St. Louis has undergone a complete transformation. From the Grand…

10Apr, 2013
VDP Digital Variable Data Printing

Variable Data: The Era of Designing for Digital Print

  VDP: Variable Data Printing One of the digital printing areas of emphasis that Kopytek has kept an eye on over the past year or so is the emergence of variable-data printing…

13Mar, 2013
Kopytek Keyboard

Postal Pointers #1 – Mailing Raffle Tickets is a Gamble

Over the last several months, you’ve probably wondered about all the changes happening at the United States Postal Service (USPS) and if it might have any negative changes to your…

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