Does the Color Of A Car Affect Vehicle Wraps?

Does the Color Of A Car Affect Vehicle Wraps?

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31Dec, 2019
Does the Color Of A Car Affect Vehicle Wraps?

Does the Color Of A Car Affect Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps build brand awareness and market your business each time your car wraps are on the road. Vinyl wraps can be placed on any size vehicle but customers have one common concern before they make the final decision to get car wraps installed on their fleet vehicles. They want to know if the original color of the vehicle impacts the final look of vehicle wraps.

The simple answer to this question is:


Vinyl wraps are designed to cover the vehicle which means it will cover the original color as well as any scratches or “dings” that are present and visible in the original color of the vehicle. Car wraps transform the appearance of vehicles and fully cover the vehicle to give a new look that hides the original color of the vehicle.

Types Of Car Waps That Block Vehicle Paint Color

There are two types of car wraps that block the original vehicle paint color from being visible:

  • Color vinyl wrap materials are opaque and designed to prevent the original color of a vehicle from being visible through vehicle wraps. The vinyl wraps are formulated to conform to the size, shape and curves of the vehicle receiving the car wrap. The original color is blocked from public view. Color vinyl wrap material is available in a wide variety of colors, effects and finishes.
  • Custom printed vinyl wraps are created specifically for vehicles using a wide format digital printer. The graphics are laminated so they protect the graphics from damages such as abrasions and scratches. They also cover the original color of the vehicle, no matter the original color, so it will not show through after the vehicle wraps are placed on fleet vehicles.

High-Quality Vinyl Wraps Will Not Show Through

High-quality vinyl wraps are designed, created and placed on fleet vehicles to promote a business and make consumers want to learn more about a company. As such, vehicle wraps are designed to make sure the original color will not bleed through once car wraps are installed. Vinyl wraps cover the entire vehicle which means the public will not be able to tell that there was ever another color on the vehicle. Car wraps look like they were always on the vehicle thanks to the way they are placed to cover any lines, curves or shapes of the vehicle. Your team can drive with confidence knowing the vinyl wraps on the vehicles are creating a professional image for your fleet vehicles.

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