The Way Back History of Printing (Part 2)

Monthly: July 2016

25Jul, 2016
The History of Printing

The Way Back History of Printing (Part 2)

  From the very first printing press, to a few different versions of it, the entire process of printing has experienced its fair share of change over time. Sprinkle in a…

15Jul, 2016
Vintage photos and the history of print.

The Way Back History of Printing Part 1

Printing has developed so much in our own lifetime that it’s almost difficult to imagine that people ever did it any other way. Believe us, they used to do it…

14Jul, 2016
Kopytek Corner Radius Chart

Corner the market with your printed pieces

You printed pieces always should look sharp, but your corners don’t have to be. Check out Kopytek’s Corner Radius Chart for our ability to take your printed piece and round the…

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