Top Questions You Should Ask About Fleet Graphics & Wraps

Top Questions You Should Ask About Fleet Graphics & Wraps

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15Dec, 2019
Top Questions You Should Ask About Fleet Graphics & Wraps

Top Questions You Should Ask About Fleet Graphics & Wraps

Fleet graphics market your business thanks to eye-catching automotive graphics that promote your company. Even through fleet wraps are growing in popularity, there are still some questions you should ask before having fleet graphics placed on your vehicles. Your company vehicles are a big investment and you should ask about the methods that will be used to remove the old graphics on the vehicles to ensure no damage will occur during the process. In addition, placing fleet wraps takes time which means your company vehicles will be off the road. This means you’d want to find a vehicle and fleet graphics company that can complete the job during the off-hours of your business so the vehicles do not experience any downtime. While fleet graphics get you noticed and generate business, you don’t want to cut into your current profits by not being able to advertise with your fleet vehicles.

Popular Fleet Wraps & Graphics Questions

Here are some of the fleet wraps and graphics questions we receive on a regular basis:

  • How long will the fleet graphics last? It depends on the materials because less expensive materials might last for just a year or two so make sure your fleet graphics are made of high-quality materials that last 3-7 years.
  • How long does it take to install fleet graphics? An experienced graphics installation team should take less than a month to create the graphics and install them.
  • What is the proper way to maintain fleet graphics? Automotive graphics should be washed by hand. Use a spray of water to remove as much dirt as possible and then use a soft sponge or non-abrasive detergent to wash the vehicle.
  • Are all fleet wraps full wraps? No! A partial wrap can also make a big impact while taking less time to install.

Automotive Graphics & Wraps Should Be Consistent To Your Brand

Automotive graphics and wraps get attention and make consumers want to learn more about your business. Fleet graphics should accurately reflect your brand and be consistent with other forms of marketing used by your business. Build a consistent marketing thread for your business, using fleet wraps, by including such information as your social media platforms or website on the automotive graphics. Consumers will be able to discover more information about your company while also creating a connection between the info they see on your automotive graphics and the products and services they learn about when they visit your business or view your website.

Do you have additional questions about fleet graphics and wraps? If so, contact our experienced team today!

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