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Vehicle Wraps: Trends That Are Hot

March 15, 2019 | Kopytek

Vehicle Wraps: Trends That Are Hot

Vehicle wraps  have grown in popularity with certain car wrap design trends:

  • Brand Endorsement – Brand your business with mobile advertising provided by vehicle wraps that display company information such as a logo, contact information and social media info without being overcrowded.
  • Commercial Vehicle Wrap – Turn fleet vehicles into a marketing force by giving them a similar look with a commercial vehicle wrap.
  • Color Changing Car Wraps – Unlike painting a car with a new color, an expertly designed and placed car wrap changes the color of a vehicle by covering the original color of the vehicle.
  • Intricate Design – Businesses use an intricate car wrap design to make a big first impression. From multiple colors to specific images, businesses that use intricate vehicle wraps stand out from the crowd.

Learn more about our vehicle wraps.

Popular Car Wraps

Popular car wraps are available in different final looks:

  • Glossy Car Wrap – The glossy car wrap resembles vehicle paintwork with a smooth and glossy finish. Available in most colors and often paired with metallic flakes.
  • Matte Car Wrap – A matte car wrap shows very little reflection.
  • Brush Car Wrap – The two types of brush wraps are a wrap with a brushed texture and one with a print of a brushed material. The brushed texture has less of a sharp reflection.
  • Satin Car Wrap – This is more glossy than a matte wrap but it is not completely glossy. There is more light reflected than a matte wrap.
  • Custom Print – A wrap with any image or effect printed on the wrap as either a matte or glossy wrap.
  • Carbon Car Wrap – This wrap has the carbon texture in, or on, it as well as the appearance of carbon on the design surface. The wrap can be glossy or matte.

Car Wrap Design, Printing & Installation Services

Car wrap design requires experience and skill on the part of the professionals designing and placing car wraps. Drivers on the road that see the vehicle wrap only have a certain amount of time to view and process the information before having to once again keep their eye on the road. Vehicle wraps need to deliver the necessary information that keeps businesses top of mind to others on the road. View the statistics on vehicle advertising wraps verses traditional marketing. Our team is ready to put car wrap design printing and installation services to work for your business and make you stand out from the crowd.

Call us today to discover the hottest car wrap trends and to discuss your car wrap design needs.

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