Are Vehicle Wraps Advertising Effective For Business?

Are Vehicle Wraps Advertising Effective For Business?

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21Sep, 2017
Vehicle Wraps Advertising

Are Vehicle Wraps Advertising Effective For Business?

According to a survey last year by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Americans drove an average of about 10,900 miles and spent 290 hours on the road. That provides a lot of opportunity for free advertising if you have vehicle wraps. Curious about the success of vehicle wrap advertising? Read on.

Vehicles covered in bright, glossy advertisements have probably caught your eye on more than one occasion. More and more businesses are using vehicle wraps to successfully advertise their business. Just how effective is vehicle wrap advertising? Check out the stats below:

  • Vehicle Wraps reach the masses. Ninety-five percent of Americans are reached by media-targeted vehicle drivers and passengers, per the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.
  • Vehicle Wraps are memorable. In a survey of millennials (18 to 34-year-olds) administered by Cox Communications, 47 percent said car wraps are easily remembered.
  • Vehicle Wraps attain high impressions with minimal investment. If a business wrapped just one vehicle, it would have the capability to net 30,000-80,000 mobile impressions each day. This largely depends on the distance driven and the community’s landscape. Large cities will reach higher impressions than rural towns thanks to exposure to a larger population.


Vehicle Advertising Wraps vs. Traditional Marketing

When considering an advertising budget, businesses must always keep the return on investment (ROI) in mind. While traditional marketing avenues are always a viable option, it’s always best to research which form of advertising will provide the most bang for your buck. Below we’ve outlined the difference between vehicle advertising wraps and traditional marketing, broken down by cost per thousand impressions, provided by a recent Arbitron, Inc. study:

  • Advertising with Outdoor Signage – $3.56 Cost per thousand impressions
  • Advertising on the Radio – $7.75 Cost per thousand impressions
  • Newspaper Advertising – $19.70 Cost per thousand impressions
  • Magazine Ads – $21.46 Cost per thousand impressions
  • Advertising on TV – $23.70 Cost per thousand impressions
  • Vehicle Advertising Wraps – $.35 Cost per thousand impressions

As you can see, vehicle advertising wraps cost per thousand impressions beat all other traditional advertising by a long shot. It yielded the greatest return on investment by providing the most affordable advertising option while reaching the most people with car wraps.


How To Get The Best ROI From Advertising On Vehicles 

Having a killer-looking vehicle wrap isn’t enough to achieve your advertising goals. You’ll need to pay close attention to the content you’re sharing and how it is displayed. Here are a few tips and tricks on advertising on vehicles to get it noticed and make it memorable for a guaranteed  return on investment:

  • Advertising on vehicles is typically on the move, you’ll need to make your company information easy to read quickly and from a distance. Here are some pointers:
    • Letters and numbers should be large enough to read from a distance.
    • Use an easy to read font. Forget the cutesy cursive and select a clean, simple font.
    • Keep it simple! Don’t clutter your valuable space with too much design and info elements or it will be too difficult to read.
    • Colors make a difference so choose a color that shows up well on your car wrap. The darker the background the brighter and lighter the text/design and vice versa.
    • Don’t forget the back! The rear of your vehicle is also valuable advertising space for making impressions on people sitting at a stoplight or in traffic.
    • Add a call to action. What’s the point of advertising if you don’t move your customers to engage with your business? Use call-to-action phrases such as “Call Us,” “Visit our website,” “Come to our location,” “Sign up,” “Walk in,” or “Follow us on social media,” etc.
  • Now that you’ve designed the perfect car, van or truck wrap, you’ll need to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth by tracking its success. You can do this by creating a new landing page on your website. Use that new URL on your vehicle wrap and monitor how many hits that URL receives. You can also create a new 1-800 phone number to be used solely on the vehicle wraps. Every time a call comes into that number, you’ll know the vehicle wrap was effective.
  • Sharing information about your company is always good, but consumers also like to know what’s in it for them. You can entice your consumers with a special offer, such as a discount, mentioned on the vehicle or fleet wrap. The offer could be worded as:
    • Use this code and save 10%
    • Schedule an appointment through our website and receive a free gift!
    • Mention this graphic and SAVE!
  • Really want to win potential customers over? Solve their problems! Make someone’s life easier by providing them with exactly what they need. Let them know what problems you can solve by listing it on your vehicle wraps, such as:
    • 24/7 service
    • Remote auto services
    • Pick up and deliver
    • Guarantee same day service
    • Put an image of your repair person — sell it in words and images

Vehicle wraps look innovative, are one of the cheapest forms of advertising, reach thousands of prospects and provide great ROI. If you’re ready to feature your business with a sleek, eye-catching car wrap, please call us at 314-432-2700 or message us at


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