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Fleet Wraps & Graphics: Critical Strategies You Need To Know

September 14, 2018 | Kopytek

Fleet Wraps & Graphics: Critical Strategies You Need To Know

Studies have shown fleet wraps & graphics are one of the best ways to get impressions of your vehicle. One branded vehicle can get thousands of views per week depending on the area where the vehicle is located and also the route traveled by the driver. These impressions mean you have the chance to get and keep, the attention of consumers through the use of commercial vehicle wraps on your fleet vehicles. Getting your brand out there the right way with a professionally designed and installed vehicle wrap design can turn your fleet into 24/7 billboards on wheels that advertise your company on the road. Contact us for more information on fleet graphics & wraps, franchise printing and more!


Commercial Vehicle Wraps: Powerful Strategies

You must create a powerful strategy that works for your commercial vehicle wraps:

  • Develop consistent branding on your vehicle wraps because your brand is not just a logo. It is a visual cue customers use to identify your company and the services you offer. Make sure items such as your name, logo size and the colors used are consistent across all your fleet vehicles.
  • Your commercial vehicle design needs to be easy to process and remember while others are driving. Determine the single most important idea you want customers to remember on your commercial vehicle and will likely want to explore further with your business.
  • Make use of your rolling vehicle billboard! When you are not driving, don’t hide your vehicle away in a place where nobody can see it. Park in an area that is highly visible. Do your research and find a spot that is busy and has a consumer base interested in using your products and services. Drive your vehicle billboard everywhere.

Read the vehicle wrap statistics and learn how effective and powerful wraps are in branding and marketing.


Vehicle Wrap Design, Printing & Wrap Installation Services

Vehicle wrap design is a vital part of your commercial vehicle wrap strategy. A poorly designed automotive wrap can fail to deliver the desired branding message and can even create a negative impression in the eyes of consumers. The first step in the fleet wrap design process is consulting with an experienced printing and wrap installation team. Our expert staff will discuss your desired goals and design a vehicle wrap with your brand in mind. Once the desired wrap is created, we will professionally install it on your fleet vehicles taking care to maximize your vehicle space while not making the wrap overwhelming or distracting to other drivers.

Contact us today at 314-432-2700 to discuss fleet wrap and graphics strategies that will grow your business.

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