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Commercial Vehicle Wraps Use These Powerful Calls To Action

September 28, 2018 | Kopytek

Commercial Vehicle Wraps Use These Powerful Calls To Action

Simply designing and placing commercial vehicle wraps on cars, trucks, and vans is not enough to get customers to interact with you. Powerful calls to action are necessary for the successful use of your custom vehicle wraps. They can make the difference between sales growth and a missed opportunity. A call to action is a word or phrase that spurs customers to contact and interact with your business. Using effective calls to action on fleet wraps such as certain words or phrases, and even a promise to help solve a problem can be the gentle push that is needed to get customers to contact your company.


Fleet Wraps Calls To Action That Work

Some examples of effective calls to action on fleet wraps include:

  • Use actions words on your custom fleet wrap to create interest. After all, the phrase we are discussing is “call to action”. Use verbs that are compelling and powerful enough to create a desire to interact with your business.
  • Make sure the call to action explains the services you provide and how it can help consumers. A good example is the CTA phrase, “Buy now!”. While this is an effective call to action, the phrase “Call for more information!” generates interest and can begin a dialogue between you and the customer.
  • Don’t overwhelm consumers with too much information on your fleet graphics. They are driving and only have so much time to process your message. Your fleet graphic should be concise and share any necessary company info, as well as your CTA, in as few words as possible.

See the vehicle wraps advertising statistics and learn how powerful it is for business.


Vehicle Wraps Printing Services & Installation

Vehicle wrap printing can be the main component of your strategy of creating calls to action. A professionally designed and installed fleet wrap can include CTAs designed to generate interest and interaction with your company. Kopytek offers professional vehicle wraps printing services and installation that attract attention. If you can imagine it, we can print it. Our expert installation team will meet with you to discuss your business strategy and then design a vehicle wrap with your goals in mind. A well designed commercial vehicle wrap that includes a powerful call to action words and phrases can drive sales growth and create customer loyalty and repeat business.

Take the first step in creating an effective call to action with vehicle wraps by contacting us at 314-432-2700.

You may also be interested in our franchise printing services.

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