Where Can I Get My Car Wrapped?

Where Can I Get My Car Wrapped?

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15Oct, 2018
Where Can I Get My Car Wrapped?

Where Can I Get My Car Wrapped?

Vehicle wraps might look easy to create but they require an experienced design and installation team to properly perform the car wrap installation process. If you have ever asked the question, “Where can I get my car wrapped?”, the answer is a commercial printing company. A commercial printing company meets with you to discuss your ideas for a vinyl wrap including the kind of graphics you want to use and the information to include in the copy on the wrap. The design team will take the type of vehicle into account and make sure the design properly wraps around the contours of the vehicle. They will also determine if a full or partial wrap will best deliver the intended branding message. Learn more about adding powerful calls to action to your car wrap.


3 Stages Of Vehicle Wraps

When it comes to creating vehicle wraps, there are three stages in the process:

  1. The first step is the vehicle wrap design stage and this is where the commercial printing company gets accurate measurements for the vehicle as well as the actual design of the graphics that will be applied to the vehicle.
  2. The next step is the production stage. This is when the graphic is printed as well as laminated in order to protect the vinyl wrap from UV rays that can cause the graphics to fade. The lamination process also protects the vinyl from road debris and abrasions.
  3. The vehicle wrap installation stage is when the vinyl is actually applied to the vehicle.


Car Wrap Installation

A properly designed and executed car wrap installation produces long lasting results that make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. A car wrap will advertise your business on the road as well as when it is parked in front of your business. The installation of a vehicle wrap needs to be carefully designed and planned to ensure the wrap properly contours the shape of the vehicle and fits around mirrors, door handles and other parts of the vehicle. Ask for examples of previous car wrap installations performed by your commercial printer of choice so you can view actual results of their work.

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