Why Are Police Ghost Graphics & Vehicle Wraps So Powerful

Why Are Police Ghost Graphics & Vehicle Wraps So Powerful

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30Aug, 2019
Why Are Police Ghost Graphics & Vehicle Wraps So Powerful

Why Are Police Ghost Graphics & Vehicle Wraps So Powerful

Police ghost graphics, AKA stealth graphics, are best described as low visibility graphics for law enforcement vehicles. The reason they are called police ghost graphics is because the color of the graphics are specifically picked to match, as close as possible, the original paint color of the vehicle. These ghost vinyl graphics create a “sneaky” look to the vehicle wraps so police officers can more easily catch someone that is committing a traffic infraction. Police ghost graphics provide a camouflage advantage to marked and unmarked police vehicles while still presenting official identification once they are viewed up close. Ghost vinyl graphics on vehicle wraps are a powerful tool that helps law enforcement effectively patrol the streets and create higher visibility in their community which can deter criminal activity.

What Design Elements Are In Ghost Vinyl Graphics & Wraps

Some of the most common design elements in ghost vinyl graphics and vehicle wraps include:

  • Elements that include the word “police” and their location (city, county, etc.)
  • The ID number of the vehicle
  • A symbol such as a police badge, star or shield
  • An emergency contact phone number or simply the numbers “911” on the vehicle
  • Identification on the roof that displays the fact that it is a police vehicle to the public
  • The mission statement of the police department or precinct

The inclusion of the above design elements allows police ghost graphics to properly identify the vehicle as law enforcement while still allowing the police to avoid easy detection by those committing traffic infractions.

Should Ghost Graphics Be Reflective Or Non-Reflective?

When it comes to installing ghost vinyl graphics, a choice has to be made about making them reflective or non-reflective. The decision about reflective or non-reflective police ghost graphics depends on the desires and needs of the individual police department. For police officers looking to enjoy higher vehicle visibility at night, reflective vehicle wraps are the better choice. If the police want to keep a more “unmarked look” to their vehicles, non-reflective is the ideal option for the ghost vinyl graphics. There will be a higher price for reflective graphics so this must be kept in mind when budgeting for police ghost graphics.

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