Why Are Car Wraps A Powerful Marketing Tool?

Why Are Car Wraps A Powerful Marketing Tool?

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31Jul, 2019
Why Are Car Wraps A Powerful Marketing Tool?

Why Are Car Wraps A Powerful Marketing Tool?

Car wraps give you an instant marketing campaign on wheels. Unlike traditional billboards, vinyl vehicle wraps are a mobile marketing tool that allows you to showcase your branding message to consumers in different areas of the city on a daily basis. In addition, vehicle wraps build brand awareness and make your business top of mind to customers that see your car wrap on a daily basis. By making your business top of mind to customers in the market for your products and services, vinyl vehicle wraps connect you to your target audience and make them more likely to buy from your business. Consumers feel like you have their needs in mind and that you are ready to professionally address their concerns.

How Can You Use Vinyl Vehicle Wraps For Marketing?

Here are some tips regarding the effective use of vinyl vehicle wraps for marketing:

  • Reach a wide audience – Studies have shown that vehicle wraps make anywhere from 30,000-70,000 impressions on a daily basis. With the ability to travel to different parts of town with car wraps, you can reach a wider audience than the audience reached daily by a traditional billboard.
  • Share business information – Vinyl vehicle wraps can include information about your company such as your name, contact info and social media platforms that provide consistency with other marketing elements that brand your business.
  • Long-term or special information – Vehicle wraps can be created to provide information on a long-term basis or car wraps can be specifically designed and created to promote a certain event or sale.

Vehicle Wrap Design, Printing & Installation

The printing and installation of a vehicle wrap comes after the design process is completed by an experienced design and installation team. An experienced team will keep the overall design of the car wrap in mind when planning where the text and graphics will be on the vinyl vehicle wrap. An experienced design team will know not to make the overall combination of text and graphics too crowded because other drivers only have a certain amount of time to read and process the information while they are driving. Keeping the design simple, while also delivering the desired information, is a skill that is best utilized by a design, printing and installation team experienced in working with all vehicle makes and models.

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