Vehicle Wraps Will Transform A Car’s Image

Vehicle Wraps Will Transform A Car’s Image

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28Jun, 2019
Vehicle Wraps Will Transform A Car’s Image

Vehicle Wraps Will Transform A Car’s Image

Vehicle wraps transform the image of a car and change it from looking like any other vehicle to being a car that stands out from other vehicles on the road. Car wraps can be colorful and eye-catching while also changing the image of the vehicle. According to an independent study conducted by the American Trucking Association, 98% of consumers say that fleet graphics had the effect of creating a positive image for the company. In addition, 96% of those surveyed felt that custom vinyl wrap printing, AKA vehicle wraps, had a greater impact than billboards and other forms of outdoor media. Vehicle wraps help companies remain top of mind to customers and keep the company relevant to consumers.

Custom Car Wraps That Put You In The Next Generation

Custom car wraps move your business to the next level in multiple ways:

  • Vehicle wraps and graphics offer a total transformation of a vehicle. From reflective custom vinyl wrap printing to a matte or chrome finish, car wraps elevate your branding message.
  • A custom car wrap can simply be graphics and text or it can include a sleek matte finish as well as an animal print or camouflage design. The options are endless and so is the reach achieved by vehicle wraps that make a eye-catching visual statement.
  • A custom car wrap is a mobile billboard that offers 24/7 marketing exposure. It’s the next generation salesperson on your staff that never has to sleep.

Custom Vinyl Wrap Printing Done Right

It is vital to find a company that is experienced in designing and installing vehicle wraps. Custom vinyl wrap printing needs to be done right in order to make the proper impact on consumers. If vehicle wraps are not designed and installed properly, there are multiple issues that can happen with car wraps. Some examples include the bubbling or peeling of the wrap, the seams or lines of the wrap can be visible to the public and the door handles and side mirrors might not be taken into account during the design process which means the wrap will fit incorrectly or need to be cut to fit around these sections of the car. Get the job done right the first time by using an experienced vinyl wrap installer with a proven track record of results.

Take the first step in transforming the image of your car with a custom made vehicle wrap by contacting us today.

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