Vehicle Wrap Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Company

Vehicle Wrap Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Company

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15Jul, 2019
Vehicle Wrap Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Company

Vehicle Wrap Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Company

The decision to have a vehicle wrap installed on your company vehicles is not one that should be entered into lightly. It is important to choose a company experienced in car wrap design and installation performed by graphic designers that make sure the vehicle wrap fits perfectly and doesn’t have any rips or cuts or seams that don’t fit together correctly. Before contacting a car wrap company about starting the process of installing a vehicle wrap, it is important to know which questions you should ask before choosing a company. If you know the basics about car wraps and the role graphic designers play in the process, you will save money and be better prepared to start the process of getting a vehicle wrap installed on your fleet of vehicles.

Ask These Important Car Wrap Questions First

Check out these important car wrap questions to ask any vehicle wrap company:

  • Do you use brand name vinyl to install a car wrap – Ask the company you are interested in using if they have brand names like 3M or Avery Dennison that test their products and guarantee their performance. Off brand names might cost less but it is hard to guarantee the quality of off brand vinyl.
  • How much vehicle wrap experience do you have – Installing a vehicle wrap involves hands-on experience as car wrap installers develop a sense for handling the materials as they gain more experience.
  • Is the vinyl specifically formulated for vehicle wraps – Some vinyl is formulated to fit any shape or curve while other vinyl products are designed specifically for flat surfaces. Be sure and ask if the vinyl being used for the car wrap is designed for vehicles and curved surfaces.

Creative Graphic Designers Know How To Attract Attention

Creative graphic designers know how to attract attention with the right combination of eye-catching graphics and text. A car wrap does not help you at all if the design of the vehicle wrap is too busy and has too much information to easily be processed by others drivers on the road. Experienced and creative graphic designers understand how to walk the fine line between delivering information that brands a business and having too much information that is distracting and overwhelming to a person that is viewing the vehicle wrap. Ask for examples of previous work from the graphic designers so you can get a better idea of the results they provide when designing a vehicle wrap.

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