Variable Data: The Era of Designing for Digital Print

Variable Data: The Era of Designing for Digital Print

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10Apr, 2013
VDP Digital Variable Data Printing

Variable Data: The Era of Designing for Digital Print


VDP: Variable Data Printing

One of the digital printing areas of emphasis that Kopytek has kept an eye on over the past year or so is the emergence of variable-data printing (VDP). Variable data print abbreviated for VDP and imaging is based on a digital printers ability to alter text and photos based on human interest. Industry research analysts at Smithers Pira anticipate that 1 trillion sheets globally will be printed within the next five years, with 853 billion sheets to be printed by 2017.

While VDP accounts for less than 40% of Kopytek’s total work, it is a growing area and is pitched to current and prospective customers alike.

Analysts note that many print providers are hamstrung by a lack of experience with variable-data applications.; however, at Kopytek, we have the latest in HP print technology, catering to your VDP needs.

Digital Nirvana blogger Heidi Tolliver-Walker observed, “As digital market share grows, so does the lure of VDP. Not just for personalization in marketing, but also for process improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency. In fact, these are the areas in which Smithers Pira found the opportunities for VDP to be the greatest. Process improvement is not sexy, but volume is volume,” Tolliver-Walker continued, “and the more printers start thinking of VDP as a process, not just a marketing approach, the more those opportunities will continue to open up. Plus, process improvement is an easier sell!”


Personalized Printing Is Powerful

Personalized printing allows you to change each printed piece to personalize it towards the person receiving the direct mail. The targeted approach is very powerful for direct mail marketing.

Personalized printing allows us to change:

  • Names
  • Marketing Text
  • Graphics
  • More


VDP Services

Kopytek specializes in professional VDP services in St. Louis and across the nation.  For more information on how Kopytek can help with your VDP projects, contact [email protected]

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