The Biggest Trends in Hotel Graphics We’ve Seen This Year

The Biggest Trends in Hotel Graphics We’ve Seen This Year

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15Jan, 2019
The Biggest Trends in Hotel Graphics We've Seen This Year

The Biggest Trends in Hotel Graphics We’ve Seen This Year

The Biggest Trends in Hotel Graphics We’ve Seen This Year

The New Year is here and hotel graphics continue to evolve to make an even bigger impact on guests. In order to better understand what 2019 will bring for hotel graphics, it is important to look back at interior graphics in 2018. Digital print graphics told a story through their design while also making your guests feel at home during their stay. One thing guests appreciate is not feeling like they are simply “a number”, They want to feel appreciated by the business. Hotel wall graphics that personalized the consumer experience were also popular in the last year. Hotel graphics give the interior decor of your hotel its own personality and also brand the business to guests.


Hotel Interior Graphics Trends

Popular hotel interior graphics trends of the last year included:

  • Hotel lobbies that feel inviting – In the past, hotel lobbies have been a place for guests to stand while they check into, or depart, the hotel. New lobby designs make them feel more like a living room and less like a sterile business space. Graphics that set a relaxing mood make the lobby a popular social space in a hotel.
  • Hotel designs that tell a story – Hotel graphics that are soothing will stay in style with the trend leaning towards neutral colors and warm tones. The design elements combine to tell a story that engages those viewing the graphics.
  • Create dynamic environments with hotel interior graphics – Digital print graphics can change their display in response to lighting in the room, the temperature of the venue and electrical fields. Dynamic environments make an impression on guests and are guaranteed to keep the attention of everyone viewing the graphics.

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Digital Print Graphics & Installation

Digital print graphics brand a business as well as create an eye-catching interior hotel design. One of the keys to successfully using hotel graphics is staying on trend so the design of the interior graphics does not look dated or out of style. Make sure your choice of graphics is on trend by consulting with our experienced digital print graphics team. Our staff studies hotel graphics worldwide to see what is popular and what is out of fashion. We will conduct a consultation appointment with you to discuss your interior graphics goals and if they are part of the latest industry styles. Once the graphics are created, our expert installation team will professionally install them to be long lasting and a conversation starter for guests.

Discover the biggest trends in hotel graphics by scheduling an appointment with our design team today. Contact us today to get started.

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