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St. Louis Printing Companies For Professional Print Services

September 4, 2013 | Kopytek

A very common question that people are asked is, “Who are the Best St. Louis Printing Companies?”
And of course we here at Kopytek are going to say there is not best printing companies in St. Louis only company.

But we really wanted to point out in this post some important questions that you should ask prior to signing your job on with any St. Louis Print Company.

1. How knowledgeable are they in the type of job you are wanting to have done (some print companies don’t have the expertise in all areas of print)?

2. How quickly can you expect to have your print job turned around (you can’t always expect next day, but some printing companies will not tell you and then you get your prints the day of you needing them, leaving no margin for error or changes)?

3. How reputable are they in the industry (ask for references, or ask other print professionals who they use in St. Louis for their Printing needs)?

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about how you screen a potential printing company here in St. Louis.


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