Powerful Trade Show Banners – St.Louis Display Tips that Work

Powerful Trade Show Banners – St.Louis Display Tips that Work

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30Dec, 2017
Trade Show Banners

Powerful Trade Show Banners – St.Louis Display Tips that Work

Competition is fierce when it comes to trade shows. In this day and age of hi-tech, high performing, high-end products, it’s not enough to show up and have a booth. Businesses have seen great success with trade show banners. St Louis customers prefer Kopytek, because of the professional quality that really makes their banners stand out. After all, there are hundreds of similar booths all vying for the same attention. Trade show banners and displays practically stand up on the table and shout your company’s name, but in a completely professional and socially acceptable manner, of course.

A banner featuring your business and/or product information helps get potential customers to visit your booth. Even better, use multiple trade show banners to complement and play off each other. Instead of putting all of your information on one banner, try spreading it out among two or three for a more interesting look. You can also create one large photo that is actually three banners pieced together. The result is as innovative as it is attention-grabbing. Showing consumers that you can think outside the box even when it comes to your trade show exhibits will make them excited about what your business can do for them.

Here are some powerful attention-grabbing trade show banner and display tips that work:

  1. Identify your trade show goals. What are you trying to achieve at this trade show? What specific outcome are you hoping for?
  2. Research your target audience. With the first tip in mind, think about your ideal consumer and start researching and building your target demographic. You should identify your target audience’s needs and wants and plan your marketing strategy accordingly.
  3. Trade show banners should be:
    • Easy to read. Too many design elements or trying to squeeze too much copy on the banner can work against you. Select an easy-to-read font in a size that is readable from a distance.
    • Use vibrant colors. Using bright, unexpected colors can evoke a feeling of excitement about your brand and helps your business stand out from the crowd.
    • Keep it simple. Less can be more, especially in this case. A simple, uncluttered design provides a striking visual.
    • Enticing to your audience. Use graphics and copy that intrigue your prospects and entice them to come to your booth to find out more about your business.
    • Use large colorful images. Getting creative with your images reflects the creativity of your company and also grabs attention.
    • Engage and educate your audience. The banner can display copy that speaks directly to trade show attendees. You might use it to ask them an intriguing question and direct them to your booth to find out the answer.
    • Show your brand. You can’t create brand recognition among trade show attendees if you don’t display your branding. Proudly display your logo and company name using your brand colors.
    • Keep it consistent. It’s important to maintain branding consistency. Not doing so can confuse potential customers and hinder the brand recognition you’re working so hard to attain.
    • Put important information at the top of your banner. It seems obvious, but the most pertinent information should be placed at the top of the banner, which is eye level.


Professional Trade Show Graphics

Effective trade show graphics are important to your trade show display. The trade show graphics should “wow” your audience and make them head straight to your booth. Us the trade show banners to highlight your company and impress your audience.

Kopytek’s graphic designers are experts at creating professional trade show graphics. They will create graphic designs that’ll draw attention to your business. They will listen to your ideas and visually implement them, providing you solutions to your marketing queries. Contact us for all your graphic design solutions!



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