Commercial Printing Paper Types -The Magic Ingredient

Commercial Printing Paper Types -The Magic Ingredient

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30Jun, 2015
Commercial Printing Paper Types

Commercial Printing Paper Types -The Magic Ingredient

There are many commercial printing paper types for printing and print technologies. How do you know what you paper types you need? We are going to go over the different printing paper types for commercial print. Our print experts will be happy to help you decide the right paper type that is the best for your order. Contact us today!


Coated Paper For Printing

Coated paper for printing will be coated with a surface sealant. It will have a huge affect on the weight, gloss of the paper, smoothness and the ink absorbency. The paper coating will minimize dot grain that causes the printed paper to look darker than it should. Paper that is coated gives your print project a cleaner, crisper look. There are different types of coated paper from gloss, matte, satin and dull. It is similar to the different paint finishes.


Types of Coated Paper:

  • Gloss Paper – Gloss paper is coated with a glossy,  high sheen on the paper. Gloss coated paper will reduce how much ink is absorbed and it will give a vibrant color definition. Gloss papers are usually less expensive that the matte or the dull paper coating.
  • Matte Paper – Matte paper will not have any gloss to it and not much sheen. Matte paper coating will make colors look flat but still vibrant. Matte paper usually costs more.
  • Satin Paper – A satin paper finish isn’t as shiny as the gloss paper. The satin coating will give colors a sharp appearance.
  • Dull Paper – A dull paper finish is just the way it sounds with a smooth surface and hardly any gloss.


Uncoated Paper For Printing

Uncoated paper for printing has not been coated with a surface sealant. Inks will absorb into the paper giving it a darker appearance. The colors will show up duller and the paper comes in smooth or it can have a texture. Popular types of uncoated paper are wove or smooth, linen and laid.


Coated One-Sided Paper C1S

Coated one-sided paper is abbreviated with C1S. It just means one side of the paper is coated. Postcards are usually made from the one-sided coated paper. One side will be coated and the other side is not coated so you can add addresses on the uncoated side.


Coated Two-Sided Paper C2S

Coated two-sided paper is abbreviated with C2S. It simply means both sides of the paper will be coated.


Paper Weight Types

Paper weight is another important factor that measures the thickness by pounds.  On paper weight the higher the number the thicker the paper will be. Popular paper weights are writing, text, bond, bristol, cover, index, label, offset, tag and many more.  Learn more about the different paper weights.


Listed below are a handful of different paper materials:

  • Wood Pulp
  • Cotton
  • Teslin
  • Synthetic
  • And Many More!

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