New Postal Pointers and Trends

New Postal Pointers and Trends

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23Jan, 2016
Postal Service Pointers and Trends

New Postal Pointers and Trends

We wanted to share with you some new postal pointers and trends being used today that may be helpful in your day to day. If even one of these will make one of your lives easier, then we will feel really good about that.

Postal Pointers & Trends
Deriving more efficiencies and accuracies in increased mass mailings calls for printers to invest in increased automation, whether that’s camera-matching equipment or more training on the existing equipment.

Full Service IMb and Seamless Acceptance will inevitably be required with penalties for failure to maintain mail quality or accuracy levels.

The Postal Service has recently been striving to reduce costs through aligning facilities, operations, and staffing with the current and anticipated mail volume workload and customer expectations

Company consolidation has left existing companies to operate “smarter” in mailing operations, integrating print and digital into the same stream, and driving attention to the electronic medium through print output.

The USPS future will be data-driven, leveraging vast data amounts from its Intelligent Mail program, including the build-out of an enhanced Informed Visibility platform providing mailers and the USPS actionable mail delivery data. The Real Mail Notification program, to be beta tested in New York City, providing subscribers with electronic mail interaction and advance notice of what’s in their mailbox.

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