Why We Love Business Banners (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Business Banners (And You Should, Too!)

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20Nov, 2017
Business Banners

Why We Love Business Banners (And You Should, Too!)


Business Banners

We can think of a million reasons to love business banners. They provide a high impact with low expense. You have control over the information provided to your audience. The banner design helps reinforce your branding and the list goes on and on.

Top reasons company banners are perfect for promoting your business:

  1. Business banners are inexpensive. They are extremely affordable to produce, which helps keep your overhead cost down and your advertising dollars up. Plus, they’re very durable so you won’t have the added expense of repurchasing new banners often.
  2. Company banners increase sales and higher profits. When placed in high traffic areas, such as busy intersections, business banners are able to reach a large audience. This increased exposure helps gain awareness for your brand and can help your company convert potential customers.
  3. Easily target your audience. By strategically placing your banners, you can target a specific audience that is within your ideal demographic. For instance, you can display the banner at trade shows, different events or outside your place of business.
    Placing the banner at a Taylor Swift concert will reach a younger crowd versus placing it at a venue for Fleetwood Mac. The banners work to garner attention from prospective clients that may have otherwise been a missed opportunity.
  4. Vinyl banners are effective at grabbing the customers’ attention. Big banners are hard to miss. Well-designed banners are impossible to ignore, especially when placed in an area with high visibility. Use simple design with striking features, contrasting colors and limited copy for maximum impact.
  5. Custom business banners are reusable. Vinyl business banners are the marketing tool that keeps on going. They are easy to transport and hang so they can be used in different locations and at various events. When taken care of and stored properly, companies ultimately save money on this minimal investment.
  6. Gives your company credibility. When a company invests in promoting their brand with business banners and other marketing materials, it makes a great impression and shows professionalism. The banners help reinforce brand recognition and help your company become a household name.
  7. Vinyl banners offer flexibility. The banners are efficient thanks to their affordability, ease of transporting and relocating, and durability. The banners can be used indoors or out. They are able to withstand weather but look sharp as an indoor display, as well. These versatile banners can be placed almost anywhere.


Tips For Effective Company Banners

Having a well-placed, large banner isn’t enough to turn heads and hold attention. A well thought out design is key. Here are five quick tips for creating an effective company banner:

  1. Company banners should be Big & Bold. Since the banners are often viewed from a distance, it’s important to make it stand out.
  2. Use material that will stand up to sun fading, wind, rain and snow. To ensure your banner is able to be displayed just about anywhere, select durable material, such as vinyl so that your company message isn’t gone with the wind (literally).
  3. Use expert graphic designers. Just as you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink; you can get an audience notice your large banner in their line of sight, but you can’t force them to read it. The design must draw the audience in and hold their attention long enough to take in the whole message. Kopytek graphic designers are design graphic gurus in creating effective banners that look like works of art. A banner designed by our Kopytek team won’t just turn heads—it’ll stop traffic!
  4. Decide where you’re going to put your commercial banner before printing. Prior to printing, it’s helpful to envision how your banner will be used and where it will be displayed. Consider your company goals, what you wish to achieve with this banner and location needs. These aspects can affect your decisions regarding the size of the banner, material used, and the amount of wording and size of font displayed.
  5. Trust the experts. Generic online companies don’t compare to a professional printing company like Kopytek. We take time with each and every client; matching our print designs to your company vision. We make sure our clients are more than satisfied with the finished product.

Feel at ease knowing your business’s branding is in excellent hands. Let Kopytek help you create bold banners to build your business. Please call us at 314-432-2700 or message us at https://kopytek.com/contact/.

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