Why LED Backlit Signs Are Crucial For Businesses

Why LED Backlit Signs Are Crucial For Businesses

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15Jan, 2018
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Why LED Backlit Signs Are Crucial For Businesses

Signs are everywhere. One look down Main St., Any Town, USA and you’re likely to see a plethora of business signs large and small, high and low, vibrant and stark; all competing for your attention. That’s why LED backlit signs are crucial for marketing a business or brand. Prominent and eye-catching, these LED signs set your business apart and won’t disappear after dark.

Backlit signs have been trending in the last few years. Putting an eye-catching backlit graphic in front of an illuminated back will boost your business and provide impressive results. Backlit signs grab the attention of your audience. Custom backlit signs featuring striking visuals give your company the competitive edge.


Advantages of LED Backlit Displays

LED backlit displays can be seen day or night. Featuring your business name and/or logo with backlighting creates an impressive visual that makes your business stand out.

Here are just a few more reasons why LED backlit displays are ideal for promoting your company:

  • Backlit Displays Are Great for branding. The backlighting provides a similar effect to shining a spotlight on your business sign, except the result is unique and intriguing.
  • LED backlit display signs will help your business grow. Backlit signs look more professional and cutting edge which reflects better on your business.
  • Backlit signage increases sales. Customers can’t patronize your business if they can’t find you. LED backlit displays ensure your company will stand out and be easy to spot. The sign functions as a sharp-looking advertisement shining a light on your brand.
  • Backlit signs Are cost-effective. A sign featuring the company name is essential for any business. Why not choose a sign that not only states your business name but promotes your products and services, as well? Selecting a brightly-lit sign featuring powerful imagery will command your consumers’ attention. LED backlit displays also pull double-duty providing free advertising to better promote your business.
  • Versatile for indoor or outdoor use. LED backlit displays are as striking as they are sturdy. These durable signs are perfect for featuring your business indoors as they are outdoors.


Successful Businesses Use Backlit Signage

Thanks to their impressive displays, readability, and affordability, LED backlit signage is gaining popularity. They are perfect for promoting events, products, displaying menus and maps. In fact, backlit signage is already used by many successful businesses, such as:

• Malls and retail stores
• Restaurants
• Bars
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Coffee shops
• Banks
• Financial institutions
• Airports
• Trade shows
• And any more

Backlit signage is also perfect for directories inside malls and multi-story buildings. The signs are easy for guests to locate and read so they can find where they need to go.

LED backlit displays are used by businesses for branding and help establish a business’s work culture. It shows that your company is in front of trends and forward thinking.

Professional Backlit Printing Services

Show new and existing consumers that your company thinks outside the (light) box with well-designed backlit signage. Kopytek offers high-quality, professional backlit printing services. Our creative graphic designers can help your business stand out in a sea of signs with custom backlit graphics. Kopytek’s graphic designers are experts when it comes to designing unique graphics that are guaranteed to get your business noticed. Contact Kopytek for quality backlit printing services.

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