Is A Vinyl Car Wrap Repairable If Damaged?

Is A Vinyl Car Wrap Repairable If Damaged?

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30Oct, 2019
Is A Vinyl Car Wrap Repairable If Damaged?

Is A Vinyl Car Wrap Repairable If Damaged?

A vinyl car wrap brands your business to consumers that view vehicle wraps on your company vehicles. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and vehicle wraps can be damaged. An experienced wrap company can repair or replace the wrap or graphics. In fact, you won’t even have to replace all of the graphics on the vehicle. You only need to replace the graphics that are located on the damaged vehicle panel. When it comes to repairing vehicle wraps or graphics on the vehicle, the most common replacements involve bumpers as well as front or rear quarter panels. Once the damaged area is replaced, a new wrap can be installed on the replacement panel. An expert wrap company can fix the vinyl car wrap to the point that the repair work will not be visible to the average eye.

How Do They Repair Vehicle Wraps

Here are the steps a wrap company takes to repair vehicle wraps:

  • The wrap company should always keep your vehicle wrap design on file in case of an accident to the vehicle.
  • A color management system ensures that the color of the vinyl car wrap is consistent each time they print your vehicle wrap design.
  • Insurance companies cover the replacement costs for the damaged graphics and wraps. Check with your insurance company to determine what information you need to provide to get the proper insurance coverage for vehicle wraps.
  • Before placing a new wrap on the vehicle, wait for the paint to dry completely. If you don’t wait until the paint is cured, the drying paint can “gas off” the new graphics which means they are pushed off the vehicle. Plus, the vinyl might form a strong bond to the paint during the curing process which can make it harder to remove at a later date.

What Wrap Company Has Large Format Printers With Color Management

In order to properly repair a damaged vinyl car wrap, it is important to use a wrap company with large format printers as well as a color management system. Kopytek meets all of these requirements thanks to our years of experience in creating and repairing vehicle wraps. A vinyl car wrap is a big investment and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that, in the event of an accident to your vehicle wraps, Kopytek is ready to repair or replace the damaged graphics or wrap to the point that no one will realize that the vinyl car wrap was damaged in the first place.

Make your damaged vinyl car wrap look new again by contacting our experienced design and repair team today.

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