Important Elements Of Commercial Fleet Wraps

Important Elements Of Commercial Fleet Wraps

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15May, 2019
Important Elements Of Commercial Fleet Wraps

Important Elements Of Commercial Fleet Wraps

Commercial fleet wraps are an effective way to promote a business. Fleet graphics get the attention of consumers riding in their vehicles. The graphics that are created for commercial wraps are designed to fit the vehicle while accurately reflecting the branding message and company image. All of these elements need to come together to create a commercial wrap that effectively brands your business. A badly designed wrap with graphics that don’t fit the image of your business can harm your branding efforts. Customers will remember bad fleet wraps just as much as they remember fleet wraps that stand out for their eye-catching, easy to understand design. Once the elements of graphics, design and branding come together, commercial fleet wraps act as a mobile advertising tool for businesses of any size.

3 Important Factors Of Fleet Graphics & Wraps

In order to promote a business, fleet graphics and commercial fleet wraps need to include some important factors:

  • The design process might be the most important aspect of creating commercial wraps. The graphics need to accurately reflect the company brand as easy to digest information since fleet graphics are quickly viewed by drivers.
  • The print process is the next important factor. While many companies across the country are experts in installing graphics, not all of them are experienced at the design process. Find a company experienced in both tasks rather than paying two different companies.
  • The installation process is where all of the other factors come together. A properly installed commercial fleet wrap fits tightly over the vehicle so the original paint job underneath the wrap is not visible. In addition, the installation team needs to make sure there are no air bubbles, cuts, marks or overlaps in the graphics.

Creative Commercial Wraps Build Brand Awareness

Commercial wraps build brand awareness through repetition. The fleet graphics are seen on a daily basis by thousands of people so the graphics can include such information as the company name, logo, branding message, contact info and social media platforms where customers can find you online. The design of commercial fleet wrap graphics is important as including too much information on the vehicle can result in it looking crowded to the public. Brand awareness is hard to build if your graphics are too “busy” for customers to have time to comprehend. Brand awareness is one of the main goals of creative commercial wraps so take the time to design a commercial wrap that effectively delivers your marketing message.

Make sure your commercial fleet wraps contain all of these important elements that brand your business by calling us today.

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