Hotel Graphics Are Powerful In Environmental Branding

Hotel Graphics Are Powerful In Environmental Branding

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28Feb, 2019
Hotel Graphics Are Powerful In Environmental Branding

Hotel Graphics Are Powerful In Environmental Branding

Hotel Graphics Are Powerful In Environmental Branding

Hotel graphics are often the first item that catches the attention of customers when they enter a hotel lobby. Hotel signage shares the story of the company and creates an environment that delivers the branding message desired by the hotel. Hotel graphics require more than simple text to convey the desired message to consumers. Experiential graphic design combines images, color, technology and content to create hotel signage and graphics that convey the brand identity of the company. Environmental branding creates an immersive experience for guests so they feel like they are an actual part of the hotel and its vision as opposed to feeling like more of a number than a name to the hotel staff.

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Hotel Signage Conveys Your Brand Identity

There are multiple reasons hotel signage is an important element in properly sharing your brand identity:

  • Hotel signage tells your story. They make a powerful first impression and reinforce what the hotel stands for and how it should be perceived by others.
  • Convey’s your company’s professionalism. Well-designed hotel graphics that uphold your brand standards present a professional image as well as a commitment to customer service.
  • Professional hotel signage reflects your brand identity. Hotel signage that looks generic or cheap signal a lack of quality or caring on the part of the hotel. The small details with your hotel graphics add up when creating your brand identity. Kopytek offers high-quality graphic design services that will reflect on your businesses.

Experiential Graphic Design Communicates To Guests

Experiential graphic design communicates important information to guests and solidifies the brand identity of the hotel to others. From eye-catching images with carefully chosen colors to digital technology and creative content, experiential graphic design combines multiple platforms and mediums to make sure guests remember the content they view at the hotel. Communication is the key to reaching guests and making a personal connection with them. Hotel graphics need to stand out rather than fade into the background. If guests do not remember the information the hotel is trying to communicate through its graphic design, the branding message will be lost rather than stick in the minds of consumers.

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