At-home Printing vs. Press Printing — The Benefit of Kopytek

At-home Printing vs. Press Printing — The Benefit of Kopytek

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15May, 2017
The Benefit of Kopytek Printing

At-home Printing vs. Press Printing — The Benefit of Kopytek

When it comes time to print your materials, it all boils down to one question: whether to print at home or with a professional printer. There are many differences between the two processes.

Printing at home

Less expensive — Printing at home is a direct-to-paper printing process. As a result, it often runs about one-half of the cost of press printing.
Lose color accuracy — At-home printing is a four-color printing process. Four colors—cyan, magenta, yellow and black—are printed in tiny dots that when visually mixed together, create various colors. This can produce a wide range of different color results, but really, you can never be certain what you’ll get.
Lose color range — Four-color printing has limitations on the brightness, saturation, and range of colors available.
Expedited process — Since no setup is needed, running your job on at home can be faster.
Limited paper choice — At-home printing can only accommodate a limited paper thickness.
Limited finishing choices — Foil stamping, metallic inks, and embossing services are usually not offered by at-home printers.
Limited choice of materials — At-home printers will offer a very specific range of products. If you want to create innovative marketing materials, then at-home printing is not a choice for your project.

Printing with Kopytek

More costly — While a little more costly, the benefits are astronomical. For printing with Kopytek time is involved in setting up and aligning the press to make sure every page is perfect.
Color accuracy — The Pantone Matching System (PMS) offers great color accuracy. Pantone colors are mixed to precise specifications, which are printed each year in their color matching guides.
More color options — Since the Pantone colors are mixed using inks, they can be created to be much brighter and more intense.
Time-consuming — There are several additional steps involved in Kopytek’s printing process, which are taken care of using direct-to-press, digital technology. Films and plates must be made, the press set up, run the job and then time is needed for drying. Then cutting, folding, and other finishing must take place. But if perfection is what you’re looking for, then the extra time is worth it.
Different types of paper — Choose from an entire rainbow of paper colors, textures and styles — even if your selection is non-traditional.
Finishing techniques available — All finishing options are possible with Kopytek press printing, including embossing, die cutting and foil stamping.
All shapes and sizes of paper — Kopytek press printing can accommodate a wide range of paper sizes and can result in innovative and creative finished projects.

What do you think? Is professional printing worth the price, or do you prefer to print at-home? Comment below and let us know!

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