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Fleet Wraps Get More Results When Doing These Things

March 29, 2019 | Kopytek

Fleet Wraps Get More Results When Doing These Things

Vehicle wraps are eye-catching but they are not a “one size fits all” success story. Fleet wraps get better results by doing certain things. The list of “certain things” depends on the needs of the person or business using vehicle wraps. If the car wrap is placed on a personal vehicle, it should be focused on design and the final artwork. Fleet wraps for a business or a non-profit need to advertise the company. Plus, the decision needs to be made about the overall purpose of the company wrap. Is it designed to promote a brand? It is giving customers a call to action? Once the purpose of a St. Louis car wrap is determined by the business or individual, the fleet wrap can begin to get results. Learn more about fleet wraps and vehicle graphics.


Successful Vehicle Wraps Should Include:

For vehicle wraps to be successful, they should include a number of items:

  • Visible business name and logo on the vehicle wrap.  – While this might seem obvious, some businesses make their name and logo too small or too similar to the color of the wrap so they fade into the background.
  • Contact information on the company vehicle.– Stick with easy to read fonts as drivers have a limited amount of time to view the information.
  • Social media icons help customers find your business online. – Let the public know your business is on social media. Put the icons of your social media platforms on your fleet wraps so customers know where to find you online.
  • Products and services your business offer. – Don’t overwhelm the public with too much information. Instead, just list two or three of your primary services.
  • Effective design and background that will get your business noticed. – The design and background of a St. Louis car wrap should enhance your branding. Don’t have an overly complicated design or distracting artwork.


St. Louis Car Wrap Design, Printing & Installation Services

Vehicle wraps attract attention and let consumers know the products and services you offer. When choosing a company to perform St. Louis car wrap design, printing and installation services, you need a team that is experienced in designing eye-catching graphics that don’t distract from your message. The Kopytek team will meet with you to discuss the goals of your fleet wraps and then design and install a custom-made car wrap that performs the “necessary things” to brand your business each time your vehicles are on the road. Discover more of Kopytek’s graphic design services.

Get the results you desire with a St. Louis car wrap by contacting our team today.

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