Fleet Wraps Branding On Your Various Sized Fleet Vehicles?

Fleet Wraps Branding On Your Various Sized Fleet Vehicles?

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16Sep, 2019
Fleet Wraps Branding On Your Various Sized Fleet Vehicles?

Fleet Wraps Branding On Your Various Sized Fleet Vehicles?

Fleet wraps brand businesses of any size with fleet graphics that help businesses stay top of mind to consumers. Vehicle wraps serve an important purpose for businesses attempting to brand their name and services to the public. Many companies have multiple vehicles which means they also have multiple opportunities per day to share their marketing message to the public as the vehicles travel to different areas of town to target different audiences. Even if all of the fleet vehicles are not the same size, vehicle wraps need to have a consistent look to brand a company. The logo and other fleet graphics need to match each other to build a consistent image of the business in the minds of customers. From economy cars to full-size vehicles to trailers, fleet wrap branding will not be successful if their appearance is not consistent.

How To Coordinate Vehicle Wraps For Different Sized Vehicles

Coordinating vehicle wraps for different sized vehicles involves the following steps:

  • Consistent marketing plan – An overall plan to unify branding for fleet wraps is necessary to create a consistent look. The fleet graphics should match the graphics on the business website as well as other advertising and product signage.
  • Install all vehicle graphics at the same time – If any of the business graphics change from one year to the next, all of the vehicle wraps need to be updated. Fleet wraps need to be coordinated for consistent branding if they are produced or installed by different providers and graphics designers.
  • Create a brand guide – Companies might have different size vehicles as well as different types of vehicles. A brand guide ensures that vehicle wraps are designed for maximum brand recognition by identifying the color palette, logo and other imagery of the fleet graphics.

Professional Fleet Graphics, Wraps & Installation

Professional fleet graphics require experienced design and installation services for consistent branding results. Fleet wraps need to contain the necessary information that gets the attention of customers without being so busy that they can be classified as “information overload”. In addition, vehicle wraps need to be installed by professionals that know how to place the fleet wraps on the fleet vehicles while keeping the curves and contours of the vehicles in mind to avoid any wrinkles or bubbles after the fleet graphics are installed and ready to be viewed by the public.

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