Midtown Printing: Feel the “Art Beat” of Midtown St. Louis

Midtown Printing: Feel the “Art Beat” of Midtown St. Louis

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17Apr, 2013
Midtown Taste and Art Fair

Midtown Printing: Feel the “Art Beat” of Midtown St. Louis

Over the last 20 years, Kopytek has been doing Midtown printing for the “Art Beat” of Midtown St. Louis. Midtown St. Louis has undergone a complete transformation. From the Grand Center Arts District and the fabulous Fox Theater to the Chaifetz Arena at Saint Louis University, a drive or a walk on Grand Blvd. is simply grand, indeed.

Midtown Taste & Arts Festival 

In conjunction with Midtown’s thriving renaissance, Kopytek, St. Louis’ leader in digital, commercial printing, mailing and fulfillment services has pledged its support and continual patronization of the arts by engaging as a key sponsor of the Midtown Taste & Arts Festival, June 1-2 in the Midtown business and arts district.

“Our industry is heavily interwoven with art and the expression of creativity,” said Tim Bromberg, Kopytek’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “A great deal of what we do relies on creative vision and (artistic) expression,” he said.

Kopytek plans on holding a special VIP event for creative industry professionals, including a special “Pop Up Gallery,” showcasing the interpretive pieces of “A Star in Midtown” done by selected artists.

Keeping Art Alive In Midtown Business and Arts

“This is just the beginning with our involvement in Midtown,” Bromberg said. “Kopytek’s success stems directly from the success of our clients, many of them are artists and creative professionals that live and work right here in Midtown,” he said. “When we heard about the opportunity to support the arts and keeping art alive in the Midtown business and arts district, we jumped at it. We are always looking at how we can make an impact in the community and hearing from other philanthropists on how we may help.”

The Midtown Taste Fest will cover six square blocks on Locust Ave. between 22nd and 28th Ave. in Midtown on the East edge of the Grand Center Arts District, with over 200 local and national artists showcasing and selling their works.

For more on the Midtown Taste Fest visit: http://www.midtowntaste.com/

If your philanthropic organization is in need of help, and you’re involved in the arts or another cause which benefits the St. Louis community, we’d love to hear from you! Please leave us a comment below. We’d also welcome hearing about causes from our readers and customers. Learn how you can share your creative talent at Midtown. Please share this post, and let us know how we might be able to get involved and make a difference.

Photo Credit: http://www.midtowntaste.com/

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