How Email and Print Work Together to Close Deals For Sales

How Email and Print Work Together to Close Deals For Sales

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14Dec, 2014
Email and Print Campaigns

How Email and Print Work Together to Close Deals For Sales

Combining Email and Print in a marketing campaign is an easy way to close more deals and generate higher sales. Using email as the door opener and print as the sales closer. Print becomes the conversion mechanism.

For best results, your print piece should be magnificent, clear and appealing.

Make sure these 5 steps have been taken care of when combining these two mediums:

1. The print piece cannot be boring!

The printed work should be the star. Still some printers and marketers create bland brochures, with washed out color, and little original content. If there is no sparkle or fun in the finishing techniques few will pay attention. This is your chance to make a bold first impression!

2. The print cannot be outdated!

The last thing you want to do is paste a change of address sticker over the old address and other similar tactics to save a dollar. Yes, this still happens! This tells your recipients that you don’t even care? Outdated copy, old fashioned terminology, outdated layouts and unfashionable sales verbiage are huge no no’s.

A fresh and colorful printed piece will be memorable and heighten engagement.

3. Do not Waste the Call to Action!

You can ask them to call you, but don’t be weak about it, tell them why and make it compelling.
If your phone system and those who man it are not on point then get them tightened up. You cannot afford to slack when it comes to closing your leads.
Still remember, you are the hunter. Don’t expect them to do all the work, You call them if you must.

4. The printed follow up must be mailed promptly!

You got the recipients attention, they clicked through from your email onto your landing page. Now it is time to get that print piece in the mail! You only have a short amount of time to stay top of mind, so you must get the closing piece in front of them as soon as possible.

This person could be a lifetime customer who will spend tens of thousands with you over the course of your business together. Spend the money on priority mail, special delivery or hand delivery if necessary!

5. Don’t let the printed follow up be the last thing your prospect hears or sees from you!

Once someone becomes a customer, do not shuffle them off and forget about them. Create an email-to-print program designed specifically for customers. Keep your company top of mind, encourage them to share your emails and posts, and keep sending fantastic printed items that they can show others.

Just a few helpful tips from the Best St. Louis Printing Company

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