Custom Signs and Graphics: A Powerful Strategy for Your Business

Custom Signs and Graphics: A Powerful Strategy for Your Business

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30Nov, 2017
Custom Signs And Graphics

Custom Signs and Graphics: A Powerful Strategy for Your Business


Custom Signs And Graphics A Powerful Strategy

Advertising and marketing is all about grabbing people’s attention and promoting your brand and business. More than half of small businesses find custom signs and graphics are a powerful strategy to attract potential customers. Even more so, Millennials desire attention-grabbing creativity when viewing graphics. This is especially important since Millennials comprise 21 percent of consumer discretionary purchases, which equals more than a trillion dollars in direct buying power, according to

Banners and Signs Strategy

Branded banners and signs work to increase brand recognition and communicate to potential customers what you would like to convey. Ultimately, you want your audience to see your signs and banners and open up their eyes to your brand (cue Ace of Base’s “I Saw the Sign”).

To make your custom banners and signs successful, you must put a well-thought-out plan in place.

Follow these tips for an effective strategy:

  • Location is key. Strategically place your banners and signs in the high traffic areas of your business to direct your customers to various items and sales.
  • Elevate. To elevate your brand you must also determine the elevation of your sign . . . literally. Selecting the right elevation will make your banners and signs easier to view. Targeting people on foot? Place the sign at eye level. Do a power walk past the sign as a test to make sure it’s placed appropriately. If targeting street traffic, keep the sign elevated so it isn’t lost among the street and store signs. Test out the placement by driving by to see if the sign or banner is easy to spot, read and grabs your attention.
  • Consider your surroundings. Consider the placement of your signs before designing. Make sure to pick a contrasting color to make your sign stick out from its surroundings. For instance, you wouldn’t want to place a mostly green sign in a lushly landscaped area where it would blend into the background. In this case, consult the color wheel and opt for red, which is opposite of green providing the highest contrast.
  • Color your (company’s) world. Color is imperative to a brand’s identity. Different colors can evoke different emotions. The color you choose will become synonymous with your brand, such as Starbucks green and Coca-Cola red. Remember, trendy colors will eventually go out of style. Royal Lilac might seem like the perfect choice due to its current popularity according to Pantone. However, we recommend sticking with a stable color that will provide longevity and not make your brand appear dated in years to come.
  • Readability. Your message is completely wasted if it can’t be easily read. Fonts that are too small, typeface that’s too fussy, and messages that are too long to read when driving by all work against your marketing goals. Select clean and simple typeface for your concise message in a larger font. When in doubt, do a drive or walk by to ensure your message is easy to read.
  • Size matters. More is more and bigger is better. The larger the sign, the bigger you can make the text to increase the distance from which it’s read. Doing this provides maximum exposure.

Custom Signs & Services

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