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Custom Hotel Wall Murals Are The Secret To Themed Hotels

December 28, 2018 | Kopytek

Custom Hotel Wall Murals The Secret To Themed Hotels

Themed hotels have grown in popularity all over the world and one of the secrets to their success is custom hotel wall murals. These hospitality wall murals highlight the theme of the hotel and create an immersive experience for hotel guests. In addition, these hotel graphics can consist of painted images, photographs, text and other materials or media that give the hotel a one-of-a-kind feeling. Themed hotels are popular with guests that want to feel like they being transported to another place thanks to the custom hotel wall murals. In turn, the popularity of themed hotels makes them consistent money makers for the hotel industry. Promote your brand or business with custom wall graphics.


Custom Hospitality Wall Murals & Graphics Transform Hotels

Hospitality wall murals and hotel graphics transform hotels in multiple ways:

  • Hotel wall murals that are custom made create an interactive experience where hotel guests want to snap “selfies” to put on social media as well as take the time to study the details on the mural.
  • Hotel guests will feel like they’ve left the real world and entered another world once they step inside the hotel. They will want to spend more time inside the hotel to experience the theme and this leads to increased revenue thanks to the guests staying on the hotel property to buy meals and purchase gifts.
  • A hotel moves from “average” to “outstanding” thanks to colorful, eye-catching custom hotel wall murals that transform the overall look and feel of a hotel into a themed experience shared with other guests.

Learn how hotel graphics solve some of the biggest hospitality issues.


Hotel Graphics Printing Service

Themed hotel graphics work to draw the attention of guests and entice them to stay in the hotel to experience the theme with family and friends. Our expert hotel graphics, printing service team will work with you to design a theme for your hotel and make your vision a reality. Themed hotels have a proven track record of increasing revenue and are celebrated as money makers in the hotel industry. Themed hotels are popular with large groups of family and friends which mean more guests staying multiple nights in your themed hotel. Learn more about our printing services and solutions.

Give us a call to discuss your ideas for a themed hotel wall mural with our experienced design and production team.

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