Convenience Store Graphics Are Powerful Tools For Rebranding

Convenience Store Graphics Are Powerful Tools For Rebranding

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30Apr, 2019
Convenience Store Graphics Are Powerful Tools For Rebranding

Convenience Store Graphics Are Powerful Tools For Rebranding

Convenience Store Graphics Are Powerful Tools For Rebranding

No matter how long a convenience store has been in business, there is often the need to rebrand the company in the eyes of customers. The act of rebranding can be a complete overhaul of marketing elements such as the logo and company slogan. There are other times when rebranding can simply involve updating and/or redesigning convenience store graphics that brand the business in the eyes of consumers. C-store graphics grab the attention of customers and get the target audience to notice convenience store displays those spotlight specials or products that stores promote to increase sales. Convenience store graphics are one of the most powerful tools for rebranding a business and making it look new in the eyes of consumers.

C-Store Graphics Tips

Here are some tips for effectively using C-store graphics to attract customers:

  • A business only has seconds to catch the attention of customers so make sure convenience store graphics are placed where they will be viewed easily by the public.
  • C-store graphics can be inside the store or outside at the pump where the audience is captive while pumping gas. Make sure the signs are informative while still enticing customers to go inside to get more information.
  • Keep it simple! Convenience store graphics that are “too busy” can’t deliver the desired information in a short amount of time. Create graphics that are effective, compelling and to the point.
  • Include visual cues on signs such as “Eats” or “Quench Your Thirst” to give customers a visual shorthand of what they will find in a certain section of the store.

Convenience Store Displays Help Increase Impulse Buying

Everyone has bought an item at a store that they didn’t intend on purchasing that day. Impulse buys grow sales and convenience store displays increase these unexpected purchases. C-store graphics, designed with the customer in mind, drive impulse buys because the graphics are not simply located in the checkout line. They need to be placed where the store wants customers to go in the building. C-store graphics can lead consumers through the store until they reach spotlighted goods such as candy, snacks, and drinks that might not have been on their mind when they entered the store. In addition, impulse items should be simple and easy to transport instead of larger items that might take more than one trip to remove from the store. Convenience store displays that are bright and attention-grabbing increase the bottom line by increasing impulse buying.

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