Can I Have A Vehicle Wrap Installed On A Leased Vehicle?

Can I Have A Vehicle Wrap Installed On A Leased Vehicle?

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15Aug, 2019
Can I Have A Vehicle Wrap Installed On A Leased Vehicle?

Can I Have A Vehicle Wrap Installed On A Leased Vehicle?

This may surprise you but not every vehicle wrap you see on the road is on a vehicle belonging to the company the fleet wraps are promoting. There are many cases where companies are wrapping a leased car to get marketing exposure. You might not have known that a vehicle wrap can be installed on a leased vehicle. It all depends on the actual lease agreement. Every vehicle lease is different so check for any provisions in the contract that prohibit placing fleet wraps on a leased vehicle. If wrapping a leased car is not allowed in your current lease, have it added into a new lease when it is time to renew the agreement. The company you lease the vehicle from is more likely to allow it if they know about the desire to place a vehicle wrap in advance instead of just installing fleet wraps and asking for forgiveness.

Important Factors Before Wrapping A Leased Car

Here are some factors to know before wrapping a leased car:

  • Verify that the leased vehicle is not a freshly painted vehicle. Vehicle wrap vinyls do not work well with fresh paint as fresh paint releases gas during its curing process. The release of the gas can prevent graphics from properly adhering to the vehicle. Ask the dealership how long it will be until the paint cures.
  • High quality fleet wrap graphics remain eye-catching and colorful long beyond the end of their warranty. However, the adhesive qualities of graphics change over time and tend to be more aggressive in their surface adhesion. This makes removing them a challenge that could require chemicals and scraping the graphics off which could damage the surface of the car.
  • Use the services of a professional installer that uses name brand vinyl to get the best results when wrapping a leased car.

Fleet Wraps Are Popular On Businesses Leased Vehicles

Fleet wraps are a popular branding tool for businesses of all sizes and types. A fleet wrap can share important information about a business such as the name of the company, contact information and where they can be found on social media. In addition, fleet wraps are a colorful mobile billboard that uses eye-catching graphics that can be displayed in various parts of town each day since a vehicle wrap can be driven to different parts of town unlike traditional billboards that are stationary and unable to be moved.

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