Beware! Not All Vehicle Wraps Are The Same

Beware! Not All Vehicle Wraps Are The Same

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15Aug, 2018
Beware! Not All Vehicle Wraps Are The Same

Beware! Not All Vehicle Wraps Are The Same

Vehicle Wraps Are Not The Same

When it comes to vehicle wraps, it is best to exercise caution before making the final decision to install a car wrap. The first step is to make sure the person or company has the necessary experience creating and installing vinyl wraps. For example, vinyl film can be produced as either a cast or calendered film. Cast films start in a liquid state and the ingredients are blended together before being poured onto a casting sheet. The result is a thin gauge film that stays in a more relaxed form that is flexible and durable and retains the color for a smooth, finished look. A calendered film is also known as a short-term or intermediate film. The process starts with a molten mixture that goes through a die and is then fed through calendering rolls. The process creates a thicker film that has a tendency to shrink when exposed to heat. Some people choose this option because it is less expensive and more resistant to scratches. Contact our vehicle wrap experts for more information.


High Quality Car Wrap Film Benefits

Besides displaying the name and logo of a company, there are many additional benefits to using high quality car wrap film:

  • Vehicle wraps take advantage of large format printing techniques that make sure the message is delivered to other drivers. Vinyl car wraps generate about 30,000-70,000 views per day and large format printing helps a branding message stand out from the crowd.
  • A high quality car wrap film updates the look of a vehicle as well as protects the factory paint job from fading, scratches and corrosion from being on the road and exposed to a variety of elements.
  • They are a 24/7 advertising opportunity. A car wrap produced with high quality car wrap film is always visible on the the road or parked at night in a company parking lot.


Professional Large Format Printing

Professional large format printing delivers high quality car wrap film that spotlight the logo and essential information that will be delivered by a vehicle wrap. Whether it is a full wrap or a partial wrap that will be created, our large format printing offers a wide variety of color options and finishes that give an extra eye-catching element to the finished product. Whether they are a full wrap or a partial wrap, car wraps make a marketing impact on consumers who are seeing you for the first time or new customers discovering you thanks to the newly installed vehicle wrap. Check out our other large format printing options.

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