3 Reasons Why Printing is Here to Stay

3 Reasons Why Printing is Here to Stay

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16Jun, 2016
3 Reasons Print is Here to Stay

3 Reasons Why Printing is Here to Stay

In the rise of the digital age, much of the masses are saying the end is near for the printed word. We say:  not so! Sure, everyone and their grandmother has a smart phone with 19 different news applications and fun games on it, but we think print still has a few aces left.

-Literacy & Means
First and foremost, reading hasn’t always come easily (and for some, still doesn’t). Before the invention of the printing press, only the most elite had access to books, leaving majority of the masses illiterate. You are most likely reading this on a computer, smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet, right? Consider yourself an elite for this segment. Not everyone has access to these digital devices, so when you think about it:  it’s pretty cool that printed content is able to reach so many people regardless of what tech gadgets they do or do not possess.  Point: Print.

-Processing of Information
Neurological studies show that the brain breaks down and stores information differently depending on how it is consumed. People have been found to retain printed content better than digital media because it creates a deeper impact or a richer experience overall for the reader (so maybe you’d remember more of this post if you printed it out).  Point:  Print.

 -A Sensory Experience
Though the process of consuming media digitally can offer movement and sound to keep your attention, as mentioned above, physical print can offer a more impactful experience overall. Your smart phone feels the same with every digital turn of a page. You can’t inhale the newest perfume scent from an LED screen and certain finishes, like metallic, cannot be represented the same way as they can be in the physical world. These senses team up to create a more memorable experience for the reader. Point:  Print.

If you’ve been keeping track, that’s three points for print. Game. Set. Match. We know, we know, the digital world is booming but the print one isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

We love digital but we’re obsessed with print.
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