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Laser Personalization

Laser Personalization

In this day and age, when consumers are under a constant barrage of advertising, both digitally and in print, the art of personalization goes a long way. Kopytek’s laser personalization capabilities provide our customers’ with the opportunity to customize print campaigns to specific customers, providing a deeper connection with your message. Truthfully, the sky is the limit with what you’d like to personalize in a direct-mail campaign. From names, to dates, to taglines, and whole paragraphs, whatever Kopytek can do to help your target audience feel more personally attended to by your campaign.

You might think that laser personalization would extend your timelines and increase your budget, however, Kopytek’s proven process allows us to deliver laser personalization with a short turnaround and great accuracy. It’s a win-win for both your company and your clients.


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