Custom Solution For 3 Piece Mailer

Custom Solution For 3 Piece Mailer

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19Feb, 2014
Custom Solution For 3 Piece Mailer

Custom Solution For 3 Piece Mailer

Days to complete: 1


Client had been utilizing another printing company for 15 years. Prospect approached Kopytek to see if there was a better, faster, less expensive way to do a particular yearly project and stay within budget.

As the years went on and prices increased, the client’s budget did not. His budget for this very important three phase mailer was $7,000.00, including postage. This was a very important appeal letter going to the top donors and was one of the more important fund raising campaigns of the year. The previous printer was not offering any solutions and had only one way to produce this entire project in the time frame allowed so they were very limited in their ability to provide an alternative solution.


Previously, the client would print this job three times per year and therefore be charged accordingly for three set up fees and rounds of data work. Because of Kopytek’s press capabilities, the account manager figured a way to print shells one time per year on three of the five inserts for this particular mailer, at a fraction of the cost versus treating as three separate jobs. Shells would be stored at Kopytek for the remaining mailers through the year. In addition to the savings on the three brochures, Kopytek printed all outgoing and return envelopes at the same time saving yet another six set up fees and capturing a volume discount. Kopytek worked with the client on extending terms on the order.

Now that shells and envelopes were printed in advance and warehoused Kopytek simply had to get the client’s data and personalized letter content. Utilizing digital black and white technology, Kopytek’s lasering equipment shortened the delivery time from six days to two. The quality was now consistent from order to order, and delivery time was shortened to allow our client additional time to concentrate on the contents and direction of each appeal letter. In addition to the shortened delivery time, the client saved over $1,700.00 dollars and came in well under budget. Client was so thrilled they were able to do a fourth appeal in a totally different format and had their best appeal year ever.

Good to Know

They have now made the switch to Kopytek for all their printing, mailing and fulfillment.

Our custom designed facility allows us to develop custom solutions for our clients. We’re able to address a variety of needs and are not limited to one specific service area.

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