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Custom Direct Mail Piece for Medicare

Industry: Marketing, Medicare

Services: Digital Offset Printing, Mailing Services

Days to complete

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As consumers become eligible for Medicare benefits and make choices for supplemental policies,  there are time limitations and numerous options facing them. They must be contacted to have their options explained to them and guided toward the best decision for their situation.


Because of the numerous options and complexities of health care coverage and the individual circumstances affecting enrollees’ choices, a way to contact them in an expeditious manner must be found to meet and explain their options to them.



Send a direct mail piece to prospects inviting them to an event to explain general details and to schedule appointments for a more thorough consultation for those requesting more information.

Prospects were contacted in a timely fashion informing them of their options and inviting them to a symposium.  Further appointments were booked at the symposium for more in depth consultations for those who wanted to more information.  Kopytek provided personalized follow-up information on an ongoing basis.


Good to know

Kopytek's focus on technology allows us to customize solutions for our clients without compromising brand integrity. We are able to personalize any print piece to perfectly capture the interests of a unique audience. Digital offset printing allows us to do so both efficiently and effectively.