Digital Offset Printing Reduces Cost

Digital Offset Printing Reduces Cost

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19Feb, 2014
Digital Offset Printing Reduces Cost

Digital Offset Printing Reduces Cost

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Client’s current vendor was attempting to pass along huge price increases because of their inability to fulfill small orders. Client accounted for approximately 50% of former vendor’s overall revenue.

Client was not comfortable with both the large price increase and the overall reliance the current vendor had on one client. Client had policies in place not to be more than 25% of any vendor’s overall revenue. Because of limited digital equipment, most orders took two weeks to deliver, regardless of size.


Kopytek was able to keep client’s pricing in line with current price structure and was able to manage the small digital projects, because of equipment mix and work flow methodology. This allowed all of the facilities to order from a single supplier for all of the printed materials. Because Kopytek runs multiple shifts, deliveries to various facilities nationwide averaged less than five days, allowing Client to have more inventory flexibility. Kopytek’s size and volume made the issue of vendor vulnerability moot.

Kopytek was awarded the business. Transition took less than two weeks. Orders currently ship to multiple facilities including internationally.

Good to Know

Using the Client’s own vendor rating system, Kopytek has consistently maintained one of the highest vendor ratings, meeting or exceeding delivery requirements on over 99.8% of orders. Kopytek has also been able to maintain a satisfactory cost structure due to both digital and conventional capabilities to produce the project in the most cost efficient manner possible.

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