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Personalized Printing, Bindery, & Assembly

Industry: Marketing, Small Business

Services: Book Binding Services, Digital Offset Printing, Fulfillment, Graphic Design Services, Press

Days to complete

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A regional foundation repair company needed to assist their distributors with marketing, specifically name recognition.  Our client’s competitors had been sending generic materials; our client wanted to send distributor specific, personalize collateral material.

Because of the varying size of their distributors and the services they offered, a large generic literature of most materials was not economical. In most cases there were no economies of scale, and there was no differentiation among the distributors based on market area or services provided.


To employ Kopytek’s digital offset printing capabilities on the very short runs and traditional presses on the few large runs that existed, thereby giving each distributor a custom look and feel, yet keeping consistent with the client’s overall market branding and image.

Any short run portion of a project was produced on Kopytek’s digital offset presses and the larger portions were produced on the traditional presses. The portions were then matched up in the bindery and assembled into the respective pieces and kits.

Good to know

The client was able to provide distributor specific brochures. They were able to print and distribute the various pieces of literature in quantities tailored to each distributor based on size and services offered. This gave them the best of both worlds; short run digital offset where appropriate and longer run traditional offset as needed.