Rush Fulfillment for Advertising and Marketing

Rush Fulfillment for Advertising and Marketing

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20Feb, 2014
Rush Fulfillment for Advertising and Marketing

Rush Fulfillment for Advertising and Marketing

Days to complete: 1


In the advertising and marketing world, deadlines are everything. Missing one can mean the difference between keeping a client and seeing them walk.

The Ascend Group, Inc. was faced with a challenge from one of their largest accounts, Snickers. They were tasked with producing and distributing a promotional tie-in with the Presidential election. The caveat: mail hundred of Snickers samples along with a fact sheet and election handouts to media outlets all across the country. The project was requested by Snickers to The Ascend Group on a Tuesday, with custom made boxes expected to ship on a Friday, in order to arrive a day before the country’s biggest election.

True to their reputation for being fast-thinkers and solution experts to client quandaries, Kopytek helped The Ascend Group hit their deadline.

Providing exceptionally fast turnaround for a project on a tight deadline for an agency’s VIP client.


Locally source and assemble several hundred boxes to save time and budget dollars while graphic design files are being delivered. With design files in-hand, expedite printing process of all needed materials
for fulfillment.

While The Ascend Group rapidly designed all the materials, Kopytek locally sourced and assembled several hundred boxes. The designs were delivered on a Wednesday and within hours, Kopytek went to work. The Kopytek team printed the cover labels, fact sheets, and 2,000 handouts. Several hundred boxes were then sent through their fulfillment department for processing, and delivered to FedEx on Friday.

The promotional packages all arrived successfully at their designated media outlets nationwide on Monday (the critical day before the election). Because of the exceptional team at Kopytek, The Ascend Group hit an almost improbable deadline, and exceeded their client, Snickers, expectations ten-fold.

Good to Know

“I don’t know of anyone who could have printed, assembled and shipped these materials in 48 hours other than Kopytek. Thanks to the ability to turn projects around incredibly fast and a tremendous suite of in-house solutions, Kopytek thrives rather than wilts under the pressures of impossible deadlines.”

Raleigh Ragan, President, The Ascend Group

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