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Convenience Store Graphics & Retail Signage Displays

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Convenience store graphics play a major role in selling your products. Even before customers enter a store, they will be attracted by your retail signage displays.

When done properly, retail graphics are a large part of the overall store experience for consumers of all ages. They set the mood of your convenience store and provide the atmosphere and tone of the consumer experience.

Kopytek is a national provider of C-Store graphics and retail signage displays such as point of purchase displays. POP displays give your customers the information they need to guide them in making the decision to purchase an item or product.

The total amount of money spent by your customers, and what they buy while in the store, is often determined by the type of retail graphics utilized in your convenience store.

Types Of C-Store Graphics We Print

When it comes to C-store graphics, there are multiple choices for you to consider:

  • Posters and signs located near the store entrance grab the attention of your customers entering the store and deliver your marketing message.
  • Backlit graphics make your C-Store graphics grow via a projected light. They shine at businesses with drive-thrus or darker areas.
  • Banners promote sales, a grand opening and other events. Place them next to a product with a special sale price or even outside the store to pull in customers from the street.
  • Wall graphics give your existing location an updated look and a transformation of the existing customer perception of the business.
  • Floor graphics welcome customers into your C-Store, guide shoppers to certain products and merchandise in the store and create awareness for promotions and events.

Retail Signage Displays & Graphics

Retail signage displays & graphics are a vital part of the overall customer experience.

Colorful and custom designed retail displays and graphics brand your convenience store and form a positive customer perception of your business. They add to the overall retail experience by influencing purchasing decisions made by consumers.

Signage that is easy to read, as well as bold and bright, invites customers to enter a business while graphics with little to no design aspects can provoke a negative reaction and lead to a less than ideal customer experience.

Point-Of-Purchase POP Displays

Point of purchase displays, POP displays, offer multiple sales and consumer benefits to your convenience store:

  • A custom designed POP display creates brand awareness in the minds of consumers already looking to make a purchase that have entered your business.
  • Point of purchase displays are often lightweight and portable so they can be moved to different locations. Set up your POP display in-store one week and then take it to a trade show or outdoor event the following week.
  • Point of purchase displays are created to compliment the retail needs of your convenience store. They can include items such as product copy, interactive elements and colorful graphics that enrich the customer experience.

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