Should You Use Personalized URLs (pURLs) in Direct Marketing?

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05Mar, 2014
Personalize URL

Should You Use Personalized URLs (pURLs) in Direct Marketing?

Personalized URL’s or pURL’s have been used for years in direct marketing. You can find them being used in: Print TV Billboards Radio and Digital Channels What are Personalized URLs? The name basically…

28Feb, 2014
Kopytek Print Job Case Study

The Case Study of a Kopytek Print Job

We here at Kopytek wanted to share with you an common case study of how print jobs come to us and then get printed. 1. You’ve been working on a project…

08Feb, 2014
Kopyteks Fold of the Week

Spiral Accordion Mailer Fold

The Spiral Accordion Mailer Fold is a two-part direct mail piece that features a post card and a circular piece that fits inside of a mylar envelope. The circular piece…

17Apr, 2013
Midtown Taste and Art Fair

Midtown Printing: Feel the “Art Beat” of Midtown St. Louis

Over the last 20 years, Kopytek has been doing Midtown printing for the “Art Beat” of Midtown St. Louis. Midtown St. Louis has undergone a complete transformation. From the Grand…

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