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Why Catalog Printing Is Effective In A Targeted Marketing Strategy

March 30, 2018 | Kopytek

Catalog Printing For Marketing

Do you remember when catalog printing would showcase a wide variety of products to customers? In the last few years, print catalogs have fallen out of favor as companies cut back on the cost of mailing these large items. Many businesses moved their efforts to online shopping rather than rely on targeted marketing with catalogs. There is a growing school of thought that says continuing to offer a print catalog can successfully attract and keep customers.  Kopytek will help you with all of your book printing services in St. Louis including the catalog design, book binding and catalog printing services.

Catalogs are an Effective Target Marketing Strategy

With the rise of online shopping, why are businesses using print catalogs as a large part of targeted marketing campaigns?

  • Kurt Salmon, a global management consulting firm, conducted a survey that found 86% of women ages 18-30 bought an item after viewing it in a catalog.  They were engaged by the catalog and prompted to begin the buying process.
  • Catalogs are seen as the first step of buying an item. Customers view the item in the catalog and then complete the purchase in a store on online. The same study said 64% of the women went to a store to make a purchase while 32% bought online.
  • Retailers can target customers by sending catalogs to buyers who made previous purchases in a store on online. Targeting customers who made previous purchases is a cost effective way to retain business rather than mailing to people on a random marketing list.


Catalogs are an Effective Branding Tool

Customers are often loyal to a brand and catalogs are a powerful branding tool. The ability to sit and browse through a catalog is a different, and more intimate, shopping experience than looking at a website. Catalog printing delivers product information and awareness to a customer as well as brand recognition. While online shopping continues to grow, the printed catalog is most likely here to stay in some capacity. The size of catalogs, with book binding, might be smaller than years past but the ability to deliver them to targeted customer mailboxes across the country has grown.  

Catalog & Book Printing Services In St. Louis

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