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How to Design Direct Mail for Maximum ROI

July 18, 2017 | Kopytek

Learn how you can create a direct mail piece to engage your audience and maximize your ROI with tips from Kopytek.

Think direct mail is only good for marketing to the 65+ crowd that doesn’t use social media and spends their days golfing? Think again. Direct mail response rates doubled for the 18-21 tech-savvy millennials in 2016, according to the USPS Household Diary Study.

In this day and age of online everything, direct mail is a great option to help your business cut through the advertising clutter. However, not all direct mail pieces are created equal. Here are some things to consider when creating an attention-grabbing print that speaks directly to your ideal audience.

What Makes A Direct Mail Piece Successful?

 First, you’ll need to establish your target market. For example, a direct mail piece for Bob’s Burgers will be entirely lost on a vegan household. We recommend working with a professional mailing list provider to develop a concrete list of customers that fits your target demographic.

Getting your piece of mail to the perfect customer is the first step, but it’s a wasted step if it doesn’t grab their attention and provide a call to action. You know, the “piece de resistance” that moves the consumer to pick up the phone, pull up your website or run to your store.

Finally, ensure that your branding is consistent. Utilize the same style, colors, and tone on the direct mail pieces to match your website and other marketing materials. This helps consumers become familiar with and trust your brand. Keep the verbiage concise and the graphics clean and simple—you want to cut through the clutter, not create more.

Discover the target market for your mail piece

The recipients on your distribution list can be as broad as gender and age range, household income, home value, marital status and presence of children. However, with direct mail pieces, the more specific the better. Mailing list providers can narrow the target audience down to their hobbies, interests, professions, and habits. For instance, they can provide a list of consumers by shopping habits: coupon clippers vs. impulse shoppers.

Have repeat customers? Find out their hobbies and habits and target similarly to gain additional preferred customers. Narrowing your target audience increases your engagement and results.

Estimating the ROI of your direct mail campaign

In 2016, direct mail enjoyed a 5.3% response rate compared to 0.6% for email and social media, according to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA). You can monitor your response rate by asking customers how they heard about your business or by providing a specific offer only available via the mailing. To estimate your response rate, take the number of direct mail responses divided by the number mailed. 

To determine the profitability of your direct mail campaign, divide the revenue by the cost of the campaign. The resulting number is the profit per marketing dollar spent. For instance, if the campaign cost $500 but generated $5,000 in sales, the ROI is $10 per marketing dollar spent.

Direct mail outperforms all digital channels by nearly 700% in terms of response rates, per DMA. Kopytek provides the St. Louis area with expert printing services. Help your business stand out and capture your target audience with direct mail pieces featuring crystal clear images.

If you’re ready to start outperforming your competitors, chat with us at 314-432-2700 or message us at



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